IWMI signs two MoUs to test soil rehabilitation options in Sri Lanka using urban waste products

Two MoUs have been signed between IWMI and Mike Flora (Pvt) Ltd. and Horana Plantations PLC, respectively. Both MoUs are part of the ongoing BMZ funded research project „Research and capacity building for inter-sectorial private sector involvement for soil rehabilitation“.

The parties agreed to collaborate on agricultural research using municipal solid waste and fecal sludge co-compost as a source for plant nutrients and soil amendment. Together with Mike Flora, which is exporting a larger variety of ornamentals, IWMI will develop a growing media based on the co-compost by ensuring the financial viability of the final product. Horana Plantations, which is one of the leading tea and rubber companies in Sri Lanka,will support research efforts for increasing the soil organic matter in soils trying to prevent further soil degradation.

The collaboration with these private partners is an important step to adapt to the demand of private stakeholders, generate business ases and make the co-compost more demand driven and marketable in Sri Lanka.

From left to right: Dr. Pay Drechsel (IWMI), Mr. Nuwan Gamage (Mike Flora), Mr. Sumedha Hathanayake (Mike Flora), Dr. Claudia Sadoff (IWMI), Mr. Gamini Ratnayake (Horana Plantation, Mr. Anuranga Herath (Horana Plantation, Dr. Herath Manthrithilake (IWMI and Mr. Felix Grau (IWMI).

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